The Bill's Good Humor History

Bills Good Humor is the longest running Ice Cream route in Westchester County. It was started by William (Bill) Scherb over 40 years ago, and since that time has brought joy to thousands of kids and adults. Bill was one of Westchester’s original ice cream vendors, and he prided himself on consistency and value.

Many families in Westchester grew up waiting for the sound of the bells from Bill’s truck to announce that Spring had come. Although Bill no longer operates the route, the current owners (Dave and Sean) have vowed to maintain the tradition that was started all those Summers ago. After all, they were his customers once too!!

Driving the original trucks and selling all of the traditional Good Humor favorites–chocolate eclair, strawberry shortcake, toasted almond–the owners of a Bill’s Good Humor hope to provide all of their customers with a chance to just relax and enjoy a timeless Summer tradition.

We are available for birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, weddings, block parties…. And all other celebrations.